ECG 6 y Discusion ECG 5

Apreciados colegas Aqui estoy de nuevo Un poco de paciencia a mis amigos expertos en la interpretacion del electrocardiograma por que en las proximas dos o tres semanas subire a peticion bien razonada de algunos estudiantes de medicina trazados mas sencillos. Ellos (Los estudiantes) sin ser temerarios podran canalizar mejor su conducta. Son electros scaneados de la practica diaria del Profesor Dr Hampton de la Universidad de Nottingham (UK)


Discussion ECG 5

In this ECG hypothermia is strongly suggested by a combination of findings. 1) Osborn waves (sometimes designated J waves) are present in leads V2-V6- 2) The QT is quite prolonged to 0.57 seconds- 3) The limb leads are almost obscured by a movement artifact typical of shivering with relative sparing of the precordial leads.

Osborn waves are deflections at the junction of the QRS and the ST segrnent which are positive in leads over the left ventricle. The waves are named for John J. Osborn (sometirne misspelled Osborne in current publications), who published his results in experimental hypothermia in dogs in 1953.

Osborn noted that others had Publisher similar ECG observations in 1950 and 1952: However, his name has remained attached to the finding. He interpreted the wave as “a current of injury”: however. The electrophysiologic mechanism remains unclear- The morphology resembles the type of deflection occasionally seen in young persons with ST segment elevation of early repolarization.


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Oshorn JJ. Experimental hypothermia: Respiratory and hlood pH changes in relation to cardiac function. Am J Physiol 1953:175: 339-98.



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